Look at the details, figuring and patterns on this amazing table! Beautiful, isn't it? There’s a reason why you don’t see Redwood Burl often. They’re rare to begin with and the curing and drying process takes a long time (up to two years) before they can be worked on. And the beauty of these pieces make them very popular.

This table is 31" at its longest and 24" at its widest making it a great fit in most settings including small apartments and spaces. This table has so much character, including two sought-after natural voids (holes), you almost wouldn't want to place anything on this table that would hide the beauty! Two hand-forged flat steel legs gives this table a modern industrial look while maintaining its natural rustic origins. Eye-catching and a true conversation piece, this beautiful table is sure to turn heads and will make a wonderful addition to any home.

Style : Coffee Table
Dimensions : 31”w x 24”d x 15”h
Wood: Redwood Burl - this slab originates from the Pacific Northwest
Legs: flat steel with tapering, different lengths to accommodate shape of table
*What you see in the picture is the actual item.

Finishing : Every single one of our live edge wood furniture goes through a labor-intensive, one to two weeks finishing and curing process. We only use all-natural, 100% Tung oil on all our products and apply five to seven coats with finish sanding and a full one day curing in-between each coat. We then apply a minimum of three coats of polyurethane to protect the wood and the finish. Some people will say our finishing process is too much work. I say it’s the only way to do it right.


Every item we make is unique in their own way, from size to patterns to figuring and character. No two products we make are ever the same.

The imperfections of live edge wood are part of what makes them unique and beautiful. These can include checks, small cracks and splits, off-coloration from one part of the wood to another, voids (and other natural holes), and planer and/or sanding marks among others. Please remember that these imperfections are either inherent in all live-edge furnishings or a result of the cutting or finishing process and we urge you to look closely at all photos before purchasing.

handcrafted | sustainable | beautiful

Looking for a more customized live edge wood piece? Feel free to contact me through Etsy or call me at 310.896.8124, and let’s see what we can do for you. We specialize in live edge Black Walnut, Ambrosia Maple, Redwood, Claro Walnut, Red Maple, Mesquite, Butternut and others from all over the country


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