Highly Figured, Wide Live Edge Black Walnut Cofffee Table with Maple Butterflies - P10470

Beauty and character that just can't be duplicated! From the natural shape of the slab to the bow ties to the handmade legs this coffee table is made to be a focal point and topic of conversation - it draws the eyes and doesn't let go!   The grain and figuring are nothing short of amazing, and the rich chocolate color of the heartwood contrasts nicely with the lighter sapwood.  This beautiful table will look wonderful in any setting, from rustic to eclectic to contemporary to mid-century modern.

Style: Coffee Table
Dimensions: 53"L x 31"W at the widest x 17"H
Wood: Black Walnut
Legs: Custom Trapezoid flat steel with flat black enamel
Item: P10470
Made in Pasadena/Los Angeles
*What you see in the picture is the actual item

Finishing: Every single one of our live edge and other wood furnishings goes through a labor-intensive, one to two weeks finishing and curing process. We only use all-natural, 100% Tung oil on all our products and apply five to seven coats with sanding and a one to two days curing in-between each coat. Afterwards, we do a high-grit finish sanding then apply a minimum of four coats of polyurethane to protect the wood and the finish. Some people will say our finishing process is too much work. I say it’s the only way to do it right.

Every item we make is unique in their own way, from size to patterns to figuring and character. No two products we make are ever the same.


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