Making a Big Impact in a Small Space...

The story of how I got back into woodworking started out with my frustrations furnishing my own place.  A couple of years ago I bought a condo here in the Los Angeles area - a small place (860 square feet) that I finally could call home.  Because it wasn't a large place I had to carefully curate furnishings that not only fit my lifestyle but also my space.  Since I had done woodworking many years ago and I always had a deep appreciation for the beauty of live edge wood I knew from the get-go that I wanted to incorporate those type of wood furnishings in my place. 

But trying to find live edge wood tables and furnishings was far from easy.  Even in a large metropolis such as Los Angeles finding anything live edge was like finding a needle in a haystack.  And when I did find a few they were super-sized for McMansion-type living and dining rooms and priced in the stratosphere.  I gave up the search and decided to dust off my old woodworking skills and just build a table for myself.  After a few weeks of tooling around with different slabs I completed a coffee table from scratch.  Not long afterwards, an interior designer friend of mine saw my work and asked if I could work on another one for a project she was working on, a pied-a-terre in New York.  Thus began my journey to build live edge tables, big and small, that are beautiful and affordable. 

Filling a Niche and a Need

Small is the new Big, and the trend towards smaller spaces is evident everywhere.  But many specialty furniture companies neglect this segment of the population.  We at Pasadenaville believe that beautiful live edge wood furniture shouldn't have to be out of reach for most of us.  Sure, we've worked on many large projects and rare wood that can cost upwards into the five-figure range.  But we've never forgotten our roots and continue to make tables and furnishings that fit all sizes and budgets without compromising quality and beauty. 

I've work with several interior designers here in the Los Angeles and Southern California region, and with customers from across the country.  And the attention I give to each piece

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